stage 1 : preliminary design

  • to undertake a detailed survey of the proposed site
  • to suggest ideas and concepts to client in order to develop an image for the interior to enhance the products
  • to prepare the preliminary plans
    ✓ layout plan
    ✓ zoning plan
  • to prepare visualization sketches or 3D drawing
  • to submit the preliminary plans and quotation to the client, obtain their approval and signature prior to proceeding to stage II

stage 2 : design development and working drawing

  • to develop comprehensive working drawing based upon the above preliminary drawings approved by the client
  • submission of project drawings to building management office for approval
    ✓ layout plan
    ✓ ceiling plan
    ✓ electrical plan
    ✓ plumbing and drainage plan
    ✓ HVAC plan
    ✓ fire services plan
  • to prepare sample board and project time schedule for client approval
  • to submit design drawings to the client and obtain their approval
    ✓ floor plan
    ✓ ceiling plan
    ✓ elevation drawing
    ✓ detail drawing

stage 3 : working procedure of the project

  • take possession of site
  • setting out at site
  • checking of actual location and size of site marking with client
  • construction of fit-out work and furniture
  • purchase necessary material according to client approval
  • co-ordinate and site meeting with building nominated sub-contractor
  • arrangement of furniture
  • general cleaning
  • site inspection with client
  • hand over the office to client after completion of job

stage 4 : after sales service

  • provide maintenance service while defect arise
  • supervise our labour and co-ordinate with nominated building sub-contractor of carry out any other additional work